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Status Report 13 – The Numbers Game of Blogging

I decided to post these statistics periodically in a series of reports after installing the Count per Day plugin on October 14, 2010. Previous attempts have had to deal with retyping the information because a copy-and-paste procedure messed up the formatting. What follows is a series of “grabs,” also called “screen shots” or “captures,” of the Count per Day window. I began at the top and took three shots, then cropped them to present the relevant information. It took me a while to figure out the procedure. And while there may be a better way, these are the steps with … Continue reading

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Featured Images and Site Navigation

When I first began the process of launching this website on a blog platform, my friend and fellow writer Deanna Roy suggested that before we sat down to build it, I needed to have content ready to publish and have chosen a few themes I might like to try. Compared to writing the posts, looking through hundreds of themes was like trying to find the one perfect word and beginning at the first page of a dictionary. Although blogging is far more about the writing than the appearance of the page, I found that predominantly white themes have a greater … Continue reading

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Header Aspirin

Reference my previous post titled “Header Headaches,” I sent out email queries to three different sources asking for assistance in finding an original image for the WordPress Fighter Theme so I could size it to fit the default header area in the WordPress 2010 Weaver Theme I am now using. Bruce Wampler, Ph.D., of WordPress Weaver, designer of 2010 Weaver, kindly answered within a few hours. He pointed out that all WordPress themes must be GNU licensed (i.e. free for anyone to use), and therefore the image is free as well. I didn’t realize that theme descriptions include a copy … Continue reading

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Header Headaches

The first theme choice for the website remains my favorite in terms of appearance. It is dark, overall aqua, with cool transparency effects and “hover” color changes when the pointer is placed over the menu and widget items. The image below isn’t exactly how it looked, but it gives you an idea. In a previous post I addressed the reasons for making the change to this current theme. After working with it for a couple of months now, I’m convinced that it is without question a better choice. That said, it has also introduced a new and pervasive element: the … Continue reading

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Blog Stats – The Referers

The count-per-day plugin I installed on October 14, 2010, continues to faithfully monitor the number of visitors to the site and what they read. The information is presented in both tabular and graphical format and includes: total visitors and reads today, yesterday, last week, this month; visitors currently online; average number of visitors per day; visitors and reads per month; visitors per post for the top 20; the 20 most visited posts in the last 7 days; and posts visited today along with the number of visitors per post. A list titled “Browsers” shows the percentage of visitors arriving at … Continue reading

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Status Report 12

Okay, here we are about five months after picking up this shadow known as The Blog. It’s still a relatively welcome companion, we’re on good terms, no major fights to mar the peace and tranquility. That would not have been so if I hadn’t been able to fix some problems with implementing the new look, and subsequent to that the newer look, and a few days ago the newest look. We still have issues, but nothing that will sever the relationship. At least for the time being. For now, here are the current stats: Launch date: July 29, 2010. Install … Continue reading

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A Newer Look

Unlike the previous theme for this website, with only a few options for changing the appearance, the new template has overwhelmed this novice with more selections than I know what to do with. That’s both the good and bad news. Good, because I can customize the site to my heart’s content, and bad in that the process has so far been full of surprises. To say it’s dominating my life at the moment would be an understatement. I can blame it on Pat Evans, my sister-in-law, who commented yesterday on my last post titled “The New Look” and gave me … Continue reading

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A New Look

As I prepared to launch this site on July 29, 2010, choosing a theme took very little time. Motion by 85ideas seemed to leap off a page in the WordPress theme directory. The overall aqua appearance conveyed a synergistic visual relationship with a business card template I’d found, along with my pilot’s license from the Federal Aviation Administration. I loved the darker look, a preference that many visitors seemed to echo with complimentary reactions. In spite of a few comments critical of my choice, specifically that reverse type (white on a dark background) is hard on the eyes, I elected … Continue reading

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Status Report 11

I’ve been unable to rid myself of The Shadow’s constant companionship. That, however, is because I haven’t tried. We’ve become friends, and friendship comes with obligations. Like not turning your back and walking away when things get a bit rough. Friends stay the course through the good and bad. So I’ve tried to interact with this website/blog regularly by posting new content about three to five times per week, even when the “holding pattern” (an aviator’s term for waiting in line to initiate an approach to a landing) has no draft posts in the queue. Yesterday, for example, I finished … Continue reading

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Status Report 10

Like a shadow, the blog stays close by. Tending it is addictive. That’s not to say it’s dangerous, unless you consider it to be a waste of time (which in my case might be a distinct possibility), but the relationship develops a life of its own. I’m obligated to it. Ignoring it feels traitorous, in a way. Like abandoning a friend. As mentioned in previous status reports, my intention has been to publish fresh content often enough that activity on the site encourages visitor traffic. And although I have no statistical data from the first 77 days, the last 31 … Continue reading

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