Pilot Error

Veteran crash investigator Nick Phillips has discovered evidence of fatal pilot error often enough to expect it. But when a private jet slams into a ridgeline, a far more disturbing possibility emerges.

Nick’s career-obsessed boss tries to remove him as head of the investigation team. His replacement? The boss’s clone, a quintessential minion who will do anything to climb the bureaucratic ladder. It’s an unusual move, and Nick’s personal radar takes notice.

The owner-pilot faced indictment for war crimes as the leader of an anti-terror assassination squad. What if he signed his own death warrant with his well-publicized threats to implicate the high-level government officials who sanctioned his targets?

Nick suspects a cover-up in the making. The victim’s legendary reputation as a mediocre aviator is a perfect smokescreen to conceal airborne murder behind an expeditious finding of pilot error.

But it’s not going to happen on Nick’s watch. They have no idea who they’re dealing with.

And neither does Nick . . .

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