Red Line

Retired aviation accident investigator Nick Phillips wants nothing more than to be left alone. To run a flight school, be a good husband to his wife of twenty-five years, and a supportive father to his two college-age children.

But Nick’s tenacious investigation into the government’s sabotage of a private jet and assassination of a prominent political figure four years ago still captures the public’s imagination. His past will not be denied a continuing role in his life when a reporter for an obscure publication named American Vigilante contacts him to propose a “Where Is He Now?” article. Nick refuses the interview. The reporter writes it anyway and publishes an eBook titled Airborne Justice that sells over 200,000 copies in the first month alone.

Snooping tourists sporting cell phone cameras and paparazzi aiming lenses as long as their tentacle-like arms descend on the sleepy mountain town of Cedar Valley, Colorado, and wreak havoc on Nick’s once-quiet existence. Then into the mix drives a black Mercedes sedan with a married man’s worst nightmare at the wheel.

Caitlin Monroe, a heart-stopping beauty carrying a Walther PPK-S .380 semi-automatic pistol as more than a fashion accessory, preys upon what Nick has lost: the thrill of the hunt for clues as to how someone tampered with an airplane and transformed it into a pile of smoldering junk with her lover at the controls. Murder is no accident, and crash detective Nick Phillips cannot resist the temptation to prove it.

Red Line is the second novel in the Pilot Error series and will be published in the Fall of 2012.

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  1. Jim Davies says:

    I just finished Pilot Error. Glad to see someone who understands aviation and airplanes writing about them. Is Redline out yet?

    • Tosh McIntosh says:

      Hi, Jim,

      It’s hard to express how gratifying it is to receive a comment like this. If you’re a writer, you know as well or better than I how lonely the process is, how much you want readers at the very least not to be disappointed in your work, and hopefully to be entertained by it. With my novels, an additional stumbling block is the requirement to walk a very thin line between overwhelming the non-aviator with too much detail, and leaving the pilot-reader wishing for more.

      Red Line has been delayed by my commitment to a fellow writer to help her with her first novel. I scrubbed her draft manuscript, converted it to the two eBook formats for the Kindle and all other e-readers, designed the layout for the paperback, and did the covers for the eBook and paperback. My mistake during that process was in not spending a little time each day with Red Line to keep the “pilot light” on so the book didn’t get too cold. When the time came to get back into it, I have to admit that I’d lost some confidence in my ability to finish it.

      And finally, to answer your question, I completed the first draft two weeks ago. As I write this, I’m in the process of revising the second draft. My objective is to have it completed before the first March meeting of a writers’ critique group I host at my house. We will go through the novel in four weekly installments, I’ll record their comments, incorporate them in April and publish the book before the end of the month. That may be an optimistic goal, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

      Thanks again for your comment, Jim, and I hope you won’t be a stranger to the site.

      Best regards.


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