Status Report 12

Okay, here we are about five months after picking up this shadow known as The Blog. It’s still a relatively welcome companion, we’re on good terms, no major fights to mar the peace and tranquility.

That would not have been so if I hadn’t been able to fix some problems with implementing the new look, and subsequent to that the newer look, and a few days ago the newest look. We still have issues, but nothing that will sever the relationship. At least for the time being.

For now, here are the current stats:

Launch date: July 29, 2010.

Install Count-per-day plug-in and spam filter: October 14, 2010.

Totals as of December 31, 2010: 138 posts, 2985 visitors, 4284  reads, 848 spams caught

Visitors per post (top 20):

  • 268  Blog Backstory (CAUTION! Info Dump)
  • 125   Status report
  • 116   Visitor Stories (Category)
  • 82    The Most Amazing Airplane in History
  • 61     A Conversation With the Illusionist
  • 60    Undergraduate Pilot Training – Dollar Rides and Sick Sacks
  • 57     Single Ship (Category)
  • 55     Doolittle Raid Part 2 – by Mac McElroy
  • 54     Nano-Technology Tackles Ice
  • 52     Blogbook (Category)
  • 51      About This Blog
  • 48     RIP – Best Available Version of the Truth
  • 46     Do Home-Built Airplanes Come With Barf Bags?
  • 45     Rants and Raves (Category)
  • 42     Fatal Accident Update 1
  • 42     A Narrow Escape – by General Merrill A. McPeak
  • 40     Writer’s Desk (Category)
  • 40     Darwin Award – A New Twist
  • 37     The Great Toilet Paper Caper
  • 36     American Schizophrenia

20 most visited posts last 7 days:

  • 132   Front page displays
  • 52     Blog Backstory (CAUTION! Info Dump)
  • 26     Status Report
  • 22     A Bumper Sticker for Pilots
  • 22     Airport Security Revisited
  • 18      Flying for Bucks
  • 16      Taking a Look
  • 14      A Newer Look
  • 12      Chick-fil-pilot
  • 11       Visitor Stories (Category)
  • 11       A New Look
  • 10      The Most Amazing Airplane in History
  • 8        About This Blog
  • 8        A Conversation with the Illusionist
  • 8        If It Oinks Like a Pig . . .
  • 7        Darwin Award – A New Twist
  • 6        Undergraduate Pilot Training – When an Engine Says, “I Quit”
  • 6        Do They Lisaten to Themselves?
  • 6        Do Home-Built Airplanes Come With Barf Bags?
  • 5        Undergraduate Pilot Training – Dollar Rides and Sick Sacks

A few of the menu options still baffle me. I’m trying to figure out: 1) why my color selection for post titles doesn’t appear at all on certain pages, or only on certain titles on other pages; 2) why my color selection for text in the widget areas (like in the sidebar menus) appears only on the bullet squares and parenthesized numbers beside the logbook page and archive listings; 3) why my color selection for links in the sidebars only appears for certain links and not for others; 4) why on the logbook and archive pages, which present excerpts from the posts by showing only the first 55 words, when I click on the link to continue reading for any individual post, it appears with the title shown in blue but it didn’t before.

What this means is that you can color me confused . . .

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