Visitor Stories (tales from you)

One of my guiding principles in creating this blog is the belief that most non-fliers are at some level fascinated with aviation.

At the gut level would be unrelenting fear. Like Charles Grodin in one of my all-time favorite movies (Midnight Run) says to Robert Di Niro, “But these things fall down!”

At the opposite end of the continuum, the eyes, heart, and soul of a wannabe aviator turn skyward and long to know what it would be like to do that.

And somewhere in the middle resides the majority. They get on airliners without having to gobble sedatives, but they have little or no interest in doing it themselves. There may be limits, however, to their casual attitude…like a neighbor of mine, who physically recoiled when I suggested that he might like to go flying with me in my little aerobatic airplane. Just for the record, I would have NOT put him upside down.

Based on this belief, I’m guessing that some of you have stories to tell. About the first time you ever stepped onto an airliner. Or maybe you’d flown thousands of miles on big airplanes but never on a commuter airplane so small you had to duck just to get in the door. Or, unlike my neighbor, you said yes to an acquaintance who asked if you would like to go flying with him sometime.

So, this logbook is for you, the visitor. It’s the place for you to share with others the details of an entry in your personal aviation logbook, and it’s open for comments. There are two ways to post your story, and here’s how it works:

Click on “Comment” for this “About” Page, and enter your story. Please include a title.

Or, click on “Visitor Stories” in the header bar at the top of this page, which takes you to the Visitor Stories Logbook where the story will ultimately be published. There you will see the latest visitor story entry in that logbook.

Click on “Comment” for that story, title your entry, and go for it.

Please remember that your comment won’t appear immediately when you click on “Submit” unless you have been previously “moderated”on this site. Don’t blame me, that’s what they call it . . .

As soon as I see your story, I’ll publish it as an entry in the Visitor Stories Logbook with your title and byline, which will always place the latest visitor story at the top of the page.

Check back often and let’s have some fun.

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