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The count-per-day plugin I installed on October 14, 2010, continues to faithfully monitor the number of visitors to the site and what they read. The information is presented in both tabular and graphical format and includes: total visitors and reads today, yesterday, last week, this month; visitors currently online; average number of visitors per day; visitors and reads per month; visitors per post for the top 20; the 20 most visited posts in the last 7 days; and posts visited today along with the number of visitors per post.

A list titled “Browsers” shows the percentage of visitors arriving at the site using Firefox (25%), MSIE (41%), Chrome (3%), AppleWebKit (11%), Opera (6%), and Other (14%).

And finally, a list titled “Referer” shows the current top 20 links visitors used to arrive at the site. I think that’s what it means, anyway, and I understand, Yahoo, Google, and facebook.

I do not understand the role played by the following (leaving off the www. and the .com or .net): timegoesby, candy, chocolate, dog, cat, strawberry, and rcgroups.

To make use of the information, I’m thinking about writing a story titled “Time Goes By.” Ignoring the fact that based on the title, this story wouldn’t appear to have much of a plot, it would be about a Yellow Lab and a cat that feast on chocolate-covered strawberry candy while participating in a radio-controlled airplane club.

I should get started on that before the inspiration disappears . . .

On second thought, I think I’ll go buy some chocolate-covered strawberries and devour them.

And yes, I have a bad case of chocoholic-itis.

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