Status Report 10

Like a shadow, the blog stays close by. Tending it is addictive. That’s not to say it’s dangerous, unless you consider it to be a waste of time (which in my case might be a distinct possibility), but the relationship develops a life of its own. I’m obligated to it. Ignoring it feels traitorous, in a way. Like abandoning a friend.

As mentioned in previous status reports, my intention has been to publish fresh content often enough that activity on the site encourages visitor traffic. And although I have no statistical data from the first 77 days, the last 31 days appear to validate that assumption.

The spam filter continues to run interference as well. 244 of them have been blocked since October 15. Most I never even see. Occasionally, a few will make it into the spam folder, and they will either be blatant trolling with nothing but links, or include a fake complimentary comment. But to bite on these, I’d have to believe, for example, that an online poker website is writing a term paper or a thesis and they found something I posted very helpful. Sure.

So, here’s the number’s game update:

Launch date: July 29, 2010.

Install Count-per-day plug-in: October 14, 2010.

Totals as of November 15, 2010: 910 visitors, 1345  reads

Visitors per post (top 20):

51  Blog Backstory (CAUTION! Info Dump)
40  Status Report
32  Single Ship
29  Doolittle Raid Part 2 – by Mac McElroy
29  The Great Toilet Paper Caper
24  Visitor Stories
24  Undergraduate Pilot Training – Split Schedules
24  Airport Security Out of Control
23  Blogbook
23  Status Report 8 – The Numbers Game of Blogging
21  Rants and Raves
20  The Ultimate Commute Vehicle
20  The Most Amazing Airplane in History
19  Bizarre Events in Aviation
18  Writer’s Desk
17  About Tosh
17  The Quagmire of Disproportionate Response
17  Grenade in the Room – Part 2
15  The Cocoon of Self-Indulgence
14  About This Blog

20 most visited posts last 7 days:

112 Front page displays
20  The Most Amazing Airplane in History
17  Grenade in the Room – Part 2
14  UPT – Dollar Rides and Sick Sacks
12  Illusion of Safety Within Regional Airlines
11  Blog Backstory (CAUTION! Info Dump)
11  Visitor Stories
11  Grenade in the Room – Part 3
10  History on Our Side?
9   Status Report
9   AOPA in My Rearview?
6   The Great Toilet Paper Caper
6   Darwin Award – A New Twist
6   Status Report 9
5   Writer’s Desk
5   Fatal Accident Update 1
4   Airport Security Out of Control
4   Regional Airline Safety Comes Under Fire
4   The Cocoon of Self-Indulgence
4   No Wonder We’re Broke

I’m still trying to analyze the data to determine if it tells me anything worth knowing, and so far it has served only to scratch a curiosity itch. The top post, however, continues to baffle me, because I can’t figure out why something published on August 8, and which wasn’t even being counted until a month ago, attracts the most visitors.

Who would have thunk it?

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