Status Report 11

I’ve been unable to rid myself of The Shadow’s constant companionship. That, however, is because I haven’t tried. We’ve become friends, and friendship comes with obligations. Like not turning your back and walking away when things get a bit rough. Friends stay the course through the good and bad.

So I’ve tried to interact with this website/blog regularly by posting new content about three to five times per week, even when the “holding pattern” (an aviator’s term for waiting in line to initiate an approach to a landing) has no draft posts in the queue. Yesterday, for example, I finished the last “post-in-waiting,” thought about what to write next, and realized that I had published my last Blogbook Status Report three weeks ago. It’s time to update the numbers game.

Here are the current stats:

Launch date: July 29, 2010.

Install Count-per-day plug-in and spam filter: October 14, 2010.

Totals as of December 6, 2010: 115 posts, 1859 visitors, 2747  reads, 464 spams caught

Visitors per post (top 20):

92 Blog Backstory (CAUTION! Info Dump)
70 Visitor Stories
65 Status Report
50 Single Ship
44 Nano-Technology Tackles Ice
41 Doolittle Raid Part 2 – by Mac McElroy
41 RIP – Best Available Version of the Truth
41 A Conversation With the Illusionist
40 Blogbook
39 Rants and Raves
38 Fatal Accident Update 1
37 Undergraduate Pilot Training – Dollar Rides and Sick Sacks
35 The Great Toilet Paper Caper
34 The Most Amazing Airplane in History
33 Mail That Goes Bang
31 American Schizophrenia
30 Writer’s Desk
29 About Tosh
29 Do Home-Built Airplanes Come With Barf Bags?
28 About This Blog

20 most visited posts last 7 days:

142 Front page displays
25  A Narrow Escape – by General Merrill A. McPeak
20  Undergraduate Pilot Training – A Post-Solo Hiccup
14  Visitor Stories
13  “Lucky” Lindy
13  Status Report
12  Nano-Technology Tackles Ice
12  Blog Backstory (CAUTION! Info Dump)
11  What a Guy!
10  Undergraduate Pilot Training – Initial Solo
7   Grenade in the Room – Part 4
7   Undergraduate Pilot Training – Dollar Rides and Sick Sacks
6   A Conversation With the Illusionist
6   Darwin Award – A New Twist
6   Fatal Accident Update 1
6   Undergraduate Pilot Training – When an Airplane Says, “I Quit.”
5   RIP – Best Available Version of the Truth
5   The Most Amazing Airplane in History
5   Troubles in the Cockpit
5   Do Home-Built Airplanes Come With Barf bags?

During the “uncounted” period of 47 days prior to installation of the plug-in, I published 69 posts. Since latest entries always appear at the top of the stack, older posts continually descend into the cellar of cyberspace. Many of them have never appeared in the numbers count, which makes me curious about whether they have attracted any readers. I may try re-publishing some of them, which repositions them at the top so they are more visible. In the meantime, The Shadow and I thank you for visiting.

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