America with a Badge and a Gun

The final paragraphs from Mark Steyn’s “Comment on Costs of America as World’s Policeman,” National Review Online, 3/23/2011:

“Or to put it another way: America picks up the tab for maintaining a global order that enables the rest of the planet to get rich selling stuff to Americans that Americans buy with borrowed money.

“Within a half-decade or so, American taxpayers will be spending more in interest payments on the US debt than on the Pentagon. And the portion of those interest payments that goes to Beijing will cover the entire cost of the Chinese military.

“Meanwhile, the Commies use the dough to buy up every useful bit of Africa plus resource-rich parts of Canada, Jamaica, Australia, etc. From the ChiComs’ point of view, if this is a unipolar world, what’s not to like?

“The question is: what does America get from it?”

I think they call it bankruptcy.

And I call it the quintessential farce.

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