Status Report 8 – The Numbers Game of Blogging

Approaching the two-week anniversary of having installed the Count-per-day plug-in, the report card indicates 537 total reads and 383 total visits. The top 20 visits-per-post list shows:

20  Single Ship
20  The Great Toilet Paper Caper
18  The Ultimate Commute Vehicle
16  Blog Backstory (CAUTION! Info Dump)
15  The Quagmire of Disproportionate Response
15  Undergraduate Pilot Training – Split Schedules
14  Status Report
13  Doolittle Raid Part 2 – by Mac McElroy
12  Bizarre Events in Aviation
10  Blogbook
10  Undergraduate Pilot Training – “The Chinese Pilot”
9   About Tosh
9   Weather in the Cockpit
8   Do Home-Built Airplanes Come With Barf Bags?
8   Doolittle Raid Part 5 – by Mac McElroy
7   Rants and Raves
7   Writer’s Desk
6   About This Blog
6   Status Report 5 – The Shadow Knows
6   Doolittle Raid Part 6 – By Mac McElroy

Since launching the website on July 29, 2010, I have written 77 posts, 8 of which were published after plug-in installation. Without any data collected for the first 2.5 months, I have no way to compare current activity with that of the past. And since the Count-per-day lists only show the top 20, any posts that have attracted 6 or fewer readers don’t show up.

If you have read to this point, you may well be thinking, “That’s really boring.” And you’d be right. For all but number freaks, statistics are less interesting than a recipe for fruitcake. But for the fledgling blogger, the data takes on a mesmerizing quality. I’m eager to make sense of it.

I think it’s because I like all the posts. Some more than others, of course, primarily because they address a subject of particular interest or were especially fun to write. But some of my favorites aren’t on the list, and I can’t tell if they’ve ever attracted a visit. I realize they could have been read voraciously before I installed the plug-in and I have no way of knowing it. But if any of you would like to descend farther into the stack looking for something of interest, I’d really appreciate it.

To my writer friends (who frankly have proven to be kind of fickle when it comes to supporting this effort), the Writer’s Desk Logbook has some of the patented Tosh ramblings about fiction that you have all grown to know and love. Aren’t you even the least bit curious? And it’s your chance to pounce on me in public with a comment telling me how full of you-know-what I am.

Wouldn’t that be fun?

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