Tosh’s Book Cover Gallery Update 2

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At the end of a previous post subtitled as “Tosh’s Book Cover Gallery,” I noted the titles of three novels currently in work with my interior and cover designs. In Update 1 to the Gallery, I shared 3D versions of the front and back covers of the print edition for one of the three, and another of those novels has just been published in digital format on preorder with Amazon. Availability of the print edition will be timed to coincide with launch of the eBook when is is automatically delivered to preorder customers.

I’ve had the privilege of participating in the Novel-In-Progress—Austin writers’ group with Lara Reznik for over a decade, and her latest novel titled Bagels & Salsa is the third interior I’ve designed for her, but it’s the fourth cover, because Lara published her debut novel the girl from Long Guyland with two different covers. That’s a story worthy of its own post.

Here are 3D versions of the front and back covers of the paperback edition of:

Bagels & Salsa by Lara Reznik

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