Status Report

It’s been thirteen days since I launched my website/blog  into the online universe. In addition to the “about” pages, I’ve posted seventeen entries with at least one post in each logbook. From this end of the pipeline, it’s been a blast, and I’ve only scratched the surface of what I’d like to share with visitors about aviation, writing, and writing about aviation.

The comment sections in the various posts are a guest book, if you will, that contains a record of visitors passing through. Overall, recorded activity remains anemic. And while I’m tempted to be disillusioned by that, my sister-in -law’s reasons for starting her blog contain wisdom I would do well to heed.

To paraphrase, and at the risk of misrepresenting her motives, the blog serves as an obligation freely accepted. To post regularly. And to post something other than details of another day in which the real world gets in the way of connecting with her novel and completing those final edits. The only way to report something of significance is to make progress.

So today, I make a pact with myself and this website/blog to take one last look at Pilot Error, dust off the query letter, and begin submitting to agents. I launched this website/blog to support that effort, but it’s way too easy to become preoccupied with this  to the exclusion of the original purpose.

Soooo, now I have to do both.

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