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Surprise, Surprise, the iBooks Link is Live

The decision to indie publish a novel brings with it the frustrating requirement to venture well beyond the confines of a writer’s creative cocoon. Once the challenge of creating a good story well told no longer resides at the forefront of your effort, it’s time to think like a publisher. Prior to the eBook revolution, that meant paying a “vanity publisher” to print a bunch of copies and send them to you. Putting your book in front of prospective buyers required loading a box of them into the trunk of your car and hitting the road. Horror stories abound to … Continue reading

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Cover Trouble — A Night in Purgatory

Although the title of this post doesn’t imply the message contained within, what follows represents a display of cautious optimism with regard to solving a troubling issue with the cover for the paperback edition of Pilot Error: the sudden appearance of pixelation around the airplane image on the fourth proof copy. Well, doggonit! What happened? I finally went to bed at 5:30 this morning and got up at 8:30 with more to do  . . . like write this post to inform all of my adoring fans that the paperback is currently absent from Amazon’s  shelves, but it will return wearing … Continue reading

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Pulling the Publish Trigger — Adventures in Indie Land

The battles in the Indie Wars just keep on a’comin’. I wrote this post on Wednesday evening, November 16th, intending to publish it on Thursday: The time has come to announce the official publication date of Pilot Error, and I have just completed the final steps to offer the novel for sale on multiple outlets. Here’s the summary scoop: eBook (ePub) on BooksOnBoard eBook (ePub) on Barnes & Noble eBook (MOBI) on Amazon eBook (ePub) on iTunes/iBookstore (pending review) Paperback on Amazon (appears on the same page with the eBook) Signed copies of the paperback direct from the author (coming … Continue reading

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