The Hero Room

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Other professions may dispute the claim that fighter pilots coined the term “Hero Room,” but they’d be wasting their time.

The standard scenario is that a married fighter pilot (or more specifically, a married ex-fighter pilot) wants to put all of his memorabilia in the living room. To show it off. To hear the oohs and ahs from adoring fans. To bask in that glory forever.

But his wife won’t have it, so he has to make do with a room out of sight of anyone but family. There he displays his squadron plaques and coffee cups, certificates, awards and decorations, favorite photos of those personal heydays, and in my case, a Christmas gift from a fellow ex-fighter pilot and his wife.

It sits on the wall behind my writing desk, so I don’t often notice it. But this morning I did, and on a whim I decided to snap a picture of it for the website in recognition of the description Aviator and Writer.


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