A Man’s Ideal Medicine Cabinet

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I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that most women think of men as needing close supervision in many areas of life. Not with lawnmowers, tools, and cars, usually, but almost certainly with food choices and other health-related issues, like scheduling regular physical exams, dental appointments, and not being afraid to show weakness by taking medicines.

A family friend sent us these photos of his first retirement project, that of building a new medicine cabinet to replace the one his wife has been wanting him to use more frequently for many years. He notes that without much in the way of modification, it can be converted to hold other than his primary choice of medicine. Scroll through the photographs to appreciate the meaning of this statement.

And when you can’t afford to modify your house like this or buy the good stuff to go in it, you make do with . . .

. . . like I do!

Or, as mentioned above, the cabinet can be modified to hold the primary medicine of choice for the bubbas:

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