The Changes They Are A’comin’

Since this blog first appeared, I have changed themes once and the appearance of the theme multiple times. I made the decision to launch a satellite blog dedicated to the novel when I first published Pilot Error, but in retrospect that wasn’t a good idea. Keeping up with one blog is hard enough, and I can’t add one every time I publish a book.

Over the next few weeks, therefore, I will be moving the posts specific to that novel from to the new Pilot Error logbook on this site. Once that’s accomplished the site URL will redirect here.

In addition, I’m in the process of redesigning the appearance of this site so that the pages, logbook categories, menus and sidebar widgets will better support all the functions I need to combine here. And while the site will necessarily become more “crowded,” it’s the only practical way to keep up with changing requirements.

The prime motivator for making this alteration is my goal to have four books on the Austin Indie Writers table at the Texas Book Festival, October 27-28, 2012. Along with the other writers in this group, we expect to have over 20 individual titles for sale. In addition to Pilot Error, I will offer two recently published non-fiction books.

Book One of Wings On My Words, tales from the writer’s desk, is the personal story of a writer’s journey from the seed of an idea to a completed, polished, ready-to-publish novel. It covers the writing of Pilot Error up to the point of deciding to Go Indie! Book Two of the series will detail all the headache, heartache, and backache of having to think like a publisher.

Book One of Words On My Wings, tales from the cockpit, is the personal story of an aviator’s journey from the first hint of wanting to become a pilot through initial solo as a student in Undergraduate Pilot Training with the United States Air Force. Book Two of the series will continue with the completion of military pilot training and beyond.

Paperback and eBook editions of both books are for sale now at various online stores. I am in the process of altering this site to offer “buy now” links for the convenience of visitors interested in purchasing them.

Within the next few weeks, I will be hard at work to complete Red Line, the second novel in the Pilot Error series, and have it ready for the festival AIW table. It’s an ambitious goal, but what is life without aspiration?


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