How About This For A Review?

I suppose it can be said that any book review written by a friend of the author is suspect from the git-go. Especially if that friend is a writer, and even more especially if the two writers have reviewed each other’s books.

Think that if you will, but if you take the time to read this review of Pilot Error written by David Mignery, (JT Conroe, author of Blue Hotel), I think you may well agree that this is an honest assessment from a reader who enjoyed the novel and didn’t have to make up something to say about it.

And what really impresses me is that David describes the novel better than I can. He captures the essence of what I was trying to do, and that says something not only for the novel but how well he describes the experience of reading it.

My sincere thanks to him for honoring me by purchasing Pilot Error and taking the time to share his thoughts:

Posted on BooksOnBoard, Amazon, and Goodreads by David Mignery: Rating – Five Stars

Nick Phillips is both a private pilot and an aviation accident investigator for the NTSB with a passion for getting at the truth no matter where it leads. When he is pulled off the investigation of an air crash with serious political implications, his passion ratchets up a notch. When his family is threatened in order to make him back off, passion turns to obsession.

Wilson is a hired assassin with a passion for the details of his craft and plans for a luxurious retirement courtesy of a wealthy and powerful client with direct connections to the White House. When Nick Phillips gets in his way, a vicious personal duel erupts between the two obsessives, putting in peril the lives and careers of both innocent bystanders and guilty conspirators.

The author, Tosh McIntosh, is a retired USAF fighter pilot, and it is readily apparent that he knows his stuff, particularly when it comes to understanding what it takes to keep a ridiculously complicated, much-heavier-than-air machine separated from the terrain for a satisfactory length of time, make it go where you want it to go, and get it back on the ground without breaking something.

Pilot Error is a mystery thriller filled with the technical and operational aspects of flying. Those of the techno-geek persuasion should enjoy it very much. Those more interested in the mystery-thriller part should find the technical elements, though extensive and detailed, to be clearly explained in language most readers can understand. All readers should be impressed with how neatly these elements have been integrated into the plot. Thankfully, there is no pointless techno-babble cluttering up the story and spoiling the fun.

The plot itself is also carefully crafted with as much attention to detail as the harrowing description of the aircraft accident and the subsequent NTSB investigation into its cause.

I’m not qualified to testify as to the technical accuracy of Pilot Error, but it certainly conveys the impression of complete accuracy. I happen to know the author personally, and I know that if he writes something about flying he’s going to get it right.

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